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Goodnight, Sylvan

Pet me Velcro
I brought him home March 12, 2008. I think he was only 3-4 months old. He lived with Basil for a little while, but I never introduced him to other males after that as he was kinda bossy.

He's the first rat I've had live beyond two years. It took a long time for him to boggle for me; perhaps within the last three months he finally relaxed. These last few weeks he got downright mushy, pushing his head under my head for loving.

He probably had a stroke as he could not regain his balance. He was also succumbing to the myco that all rats have, which I expected as he was very old and I could hear his lungs were congested. We made a trip to Eastern Exotic (I was surprised they were open on a Sunday) so he wouldn't suffer any more.

Birthday Dancing

Sparkle Girl
Birthday plans to put on your calendar if you'll be in town and available: Saturday 12/19 get your oontz on at Spellbound. Not gonna do an evite or FB event invite because I get sad when too many people are out of town for Xmas and tell me no. If you are in the DC Metro area on that date and don't have other plans, surprise me by showing up and let's dance. And buy me drinks. :)

Also happening the same night are DC Roller Girls (we'll be there) and DC Zombie Crawl (debating on whether we can do this + DCRG + get ready for dinner + dancing). Maybe I should get a room in DC to make this easier to transition from one event to the other!

Cute bird :)

Fox Fur Nebula
Posting this for elf_fu

"You're so cute. Gimme kiss."

DC Pen Supershow

Attended my first pen show. Didn't spend a whole lot of time there, but enjoyed myself nonetheless. I find I'm not so interested (at this point) in vintage pens and don't know enough about pens in general to spot a good deal. I had one main goal in mind: get a limited edition pink Lamy Safari. I managed that, though it has a 1.5 nib. I filled it with Noodler's Shah's Rose. Also have a sample of Diamine's Claret that would look pretty. I'll probably buy a black extra fine or fine point nib from Writer's Bloc. I have a nice collection of various nib widths in Lamy Safaris (yellow, lime, orange, blue) and one Al-Star (raspberry).

I also wanted some ink, but I'm looking for a specific ink and I didn't find it.

The bad news is that I found two pens I loved. This is bad news because they are very expensive ($300--not sure why, engraved or something?). The Hello Kitty Sailor and the Pilot Vanishing Point. I tested this pen at Richard Binder's booth and WOW did it write smooth. I think, though, that if I get this pen, it MUST have the yellow body and I'd get a customized nib, probably a fine superflex. If I'm going to spend that much money on a pen, then it should have the nib I want. This will be an unlikely purchase, however. Much, much, much too expensive for me at this point in time. But I can dream? :)

I also saw a really cute Sailor designed for kids (can't find a picture of it right now, sadly), but I just recently bought this pen so passed on it.

Off to browse my Pen World magazine.

ETA: Oops! Forgot to include the other things I got from Richard Binder's booth: two mixed packs of the regular Field Notes and one of the special summer color in green. Not only is the cover green, but the graph lines are green too.


Foster Flower

Fox Fur Nebula
Just a few quick images of the latest foster. She's about 5-6 weeks old. She has a squeaky, pathetic meow. Very cute. :)



I went to learn how to use my new CPAP machine this morning. It's really quiet. Even with the air flowing, it's very quiet, so that's nice.

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Cosmo Girl
I bought a couple of Thermos items yesterday. One keeps cold drinks cold and the other keeps hot drinks hot. The main difference between the two is the cold one has a straw.

Last night I brewed a strong batch of Cacao Mint black tea to mix with some half-n-half while I did some editing work and updated iTunes with music.

This morning I brewed a batch of Tropical Dragon tea blend to bring to work with me. It's such a cute Thermos that I decided to take a couple of pictures with my cell phone (with a pink protective cover) of the tea in the cup with some of my pens.

ETA: Oops. I fixed the pics so they can be seen. Forgot that I had uploaded them as private. :X

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Silly Athena Bena Zippy Thena

I came home from a jewelry party held next door on Saturday afternoon to see Athena deep into a sun coma. She barely reacted to me coming in and I had to say her name a couple of times to get her to even acknowledge that life existed outside of her little sun patch. After I was done taking a couple of pictures, Fuzzy came over to taunt her and she was stretched out on her back begging for tummy scritches. Very cute.

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Charcoal Class

Tonight, I'm finally happy with a picture I've done and maybe ammitnox and disoculated won't be mortified when they see it. Only my 7th piece working with charcoal, and it took almost five hours to complete, but ::squee:: it actually looks like who I meant to draw!

Ron took pictures while we were still in class, but he didn't take the final picture when I fixed a couple of details so whatever he posts may not be perfect (and even then, there's still some beginner mistakes). Thus, any flaws are mine as everyone knows Otter is a fantastic photographer who has a beautiful subject.

I'm very happy I took this class.

Next week: figure drawing!

ETA: skkyechan did an awesome, sexy picture of Nathan Fillion and jakethrash did a photo-realistic picture of Toshiro Mifune. PURE AWESOME BOTH OF THEM!


Review: Hello Kitty Hi-Tec-C gel pen

Dexter Kitty
I received an adorable pen from Jet Pens!

Hello Kitty Pilot Hi Tec C 7

The Pilot Hi-Tec-C reminds me of why I loved fine point pens for so many years. This particular pen is from the Hello Kitty Limited Edition set of pens. I ended up buying the whole set in the 0.4 mm point. The figurines are removable so can be placed on other Hi-Tec-C pens when the current pens run out.

hello Kitty Pilot Hi Tec C 8

I haven't used many fine point pens very much these days mostly because my cursive has deteriorated due to working so much on the computer. I print a lot, but don't really like my printing in fine point. In general, 0.5 mm and higher is my preference when I print. However, this particular pen glides very smoothly on both papers I sampled without a lot of drag or scratching, and encourages me to write more on paper just to enjoy how pleasing it feels.

Hello Kitty Pilot Hi Tec C 2

This particular pen is the 0.3 mm point in aqua blue. I love pens, and I especially love pens that aren't the standard blue, black, and red. This pen will definitely make its way into my regular rotation when I'm at work or editing for Sequential Tart

Sylvan, my rat, looks on while I take pictures of the pen and the writing samples.


Kids and Their Music These Days!

Sparkle Girl
From maroonmd's post with the vid of DJ Earworm's top 25 Billboard mashup, I found two songs that I really liked that surprised me.

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For My 3G iPhone Friends

Curious Kaz
A neat cover w/macro lens:

Clarifi iPhone Case with Macro Lens

I originally found this via Popgadget, a webzine with RSS feed that is geared toward women but frequently has gadgets I think both genders would appreciate.

I'd love something like this for my Instinct. :)


Writer's Block: Table for One

Do you ever go out to dinner (at a sit-down restaurant) by yourself?

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Bardeux Magic Carpet Ride

Fox Fur Nebula
Woo! Finally. There was a song I loved in the late 80s but the only lyrics I could remember was "magic carpet ride" and I knew it was female vocals. Of course, Steppenwolf's much more popular song was the only thing that would come up in queries.

Trust the youtube to take care of me. this is the mix I like the most, but there's no real video. If anyone can find me an mp3 of this version in nice quality, I'd be really happy.

Here's the video (really laughing when I see this... yes, I had hair like that).

The 80s dance

Fox Fur Nebula
Every once in awhile I try to explain this certain way we danced in high school/late 80s. The best example was how Molly Ringwald danced in The Breakfast Club. Here's a not so great quality clip. She is spot on to how we danced. It cracks me up, but I never did get the hang of it. Maybe one day!

Another friend needing employment

From her post here, my friend's company lost their contract with DARPA, and the winning company opted out of hiring incumbents. She's a project manager with Top Secret DOD clearance and has her PMP training, among other things.

I have her resume. If anyone knows HR people or has an idea I can give to her so she can contact them, that'd be great; I'll link ya up.

Thanks :)

Staring the year off creatively

Monday, jakethrash, skkyechan, and I will be taking a portraits in charcoal class. I'm a little intimidated by it because (a) I really never got good at drawing people, especially their faces, and (b) we had to buy these huge pieces of paper (like 19X24), and having such a large drawing space boggles me. I had difficulty watercoloring on 9x12/8x10. However, I refuse to be intimidated by charcoal and big pieces of paper! I plan on being messy every Monday night.

In March, we three plus catpawn will be taking a figure drawing class. Really looking forward to that one too so I can get over my lack of confidence about drawing people.

I'm really looking forward to how we all go about drawing our pictures. I talked to syntart about this and she informed me that I have a "sure hand." I don't think that means I draw with confidence or anything, just that I don't like to draw circles or shapes then fill them in; I just pretty much start drawing exactly what I see/visualize (whether it ends up looking like exactly what I see is debatable).

Then in the summer, I plan to drag minxish1 and whomever else to some sort of painterly class, like watercolor, ink and watercolor, Chinese brush painting, or my favorite: calligraphy. I'd really like to formalize my writing skill. I mostly do my own style and the italic style I learned when I was 11. I have many pretty pens, inks, and paper to practice with.

In between all of this I have a goal to write more, including starting a webcomics column and writing more reviews. Add on to all of this is a stab at learning public relations for Tart so we can build more readership and contributors.

I resemble that remark

Today I came downstairs and saw my husband had bought for me Farscape #1. I jumped up and down, clutching it close, shouting, "Yay!" He replied that I reacted more to that and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD than anything else and that officially makes me a geek. I said that oh, no, I also LOVE my TiVO and my beautiful teapot. I also already spent my gcard to Sephora. Mmm, lip stuff. I don't think having TiVO love makes me a geek. I think that makes me spoiled.

He still thinks I'm a geek (and likely pretty spoiled).

It's his fault. All of it. He should drink many carbombs tonight to make up for this.

Eeeee! John Crichton!

OMG Farscape comic??

Pet me Kaz
Farscape #1 sells out in five days. EEK!


Moments in Learning

Pet me Kaz
Tonight while trying to remember what level my car was on in the parking garage, I learned that my remote door-unlocker-thingy works through concrete and the Z-axis.

I knew I was parked near the elevator so when I peeked out of the doors on the B1 level, I was pretty sure my car was directly across and not slightly above, but not completely sure so I pointed my clicker at an area where there was a blue car that possibly could be mine. No response. I was too lazy to actually get out of the elevator and walk to the car. I figured I'd try one more level up (P1) and if I didn't see my car then I'd go back down.

I get to the level, peek out, and am surprised to see that my lights are on just like they are when I click to unlock the door. So not only will the clicker work through concrete and the Z-axis, the lights stay on long enough for me to spot my car even after an elevator trip back up!

Stupid Damn Winter. I HATES IT HATES IT

Pet me Velcro
Guess what I'm getting for my birthday??!??!

We might start off with a bit of snow on Saturday night with a lovely wintry mix of freezing rain and snow on Sunday!!!



Neighborhood Cats

Fox Fur Nebula
I'd been meaning to post this earlier last week or so. We have a neighborhood cat, Pumpkin. She's a big girl, short hair, black and white. She has a scratchy meow. She likes to come visit and beg food. Lately, when I park my car in front of our home, she's waiting for me, and if I take too long getting out, I can actually hear her scratchy meow nagging me to get on the ball. I go inside, get a bowl of either dry food or leftover wet that the cats have left, and give it to her. Even more recently, she's actually come in the house and the other cats don't care. This amuses me to no end. Generally, she goes right back outside if she's enticed with a bowl of food.

She hasn't been showing up lately. jakethrash got a visit from a male neighbor looking for her. I found out through another neighbor A that Pumpkin was abandoned and another couple had sorta adopted Pumpkin. The thing with Pumpkin is that she hates being inside during the day so her new people let her out during the day and let her back in around 9pm. A asked if I would take Pumpkin but if I take a cat into my house, that cat won't ever go outside, and Pumpkin wouldn't do so well considering she's lived most of her life as an outdoor kitty. :/


Broken Leg at 15 weeks

Pet me Kaz
Had my 15-week follow up. X-Rays looked good. Impressed the doctor when I pointed out some callus above my fibula break, which I thought was unusual. He said it was possible that I had a small fracture there that we missed (callus is what shows up whenever there's healing on a bone). The fracture on the tibia is filling in nicely. He said I could go back to the gym. I hadn't been going to PT (different insurance that the PT didn't take) but once I get BC again in January, I'll go back. He said that I could do most of those exercises at the gym anyway, but I do need to work on my gait as I still limp. Part of this is because of pain, but some of it is habit and I need to break it. He said that if the plate bothers my leg after awhile, it's OK to take it out. I said I wasn't sure if my pain/discomfort was the plate or the scars and he said it could be either. I told him I was able to go up stairs pretty well like a normal person but going down I still needed to go down slow and one foot to the stair, next foot to the same stair, and he said that was normal too.

I'll see him again in 8 weeks.


In other news, the headache is gearing back up again. So something in the Dec-Feb/March range is affecting me. I can't think of anything that I'm allergic to that's even alive in the winter. I think I'm allergic to like one mold (also dust, house bugs, etc.). Julie suggest maybe it's a sun thing and maybe getting one of those lamps that makes you think it's summer could help. We'll see.

Got two pairs of boots and three pairs of flats today. Woo! Cute purple corduroy boots with little zipper pockets and black fabric boots. The flats are red satin, and two black pairs: one dressy, one casual. Since I have the swollen foot issue I needed to get something I could wear that looked nice so I'm not wearing my Kangaroo flats all the time, even if they are really, really comfy.

Finally found some arm warmers that are long enough to go up past my elbow. Also found some long socks that go past my knee. These will look nice with either the boots or the black flats, so... yay!

Bats at the hummingbird feeder

Curious Kaz
I thought this was really cute over at Ugly Overload.

Numbers girl warning!! Don't look beyond the link I posted. There's way too many pictures of spiders in the various other posts.

Foster Bunny Progress

I've had them for a week and I think they've improved. Honey was already fairly healthy so there's not much visible to see. Clio, on the other hand, I think looks remarkably better. I don't see nearly as much pink skin. She's still got skinny legs, but overall, I'm happy she's doing so well.

These rabbits eat and drink (and poop) a lot. GEEZ! And they are crazy hyper. Other than not being spectacular about pooping in the bins I've provided, they are fairly well behaved for crazy hyper bunnies. They always stand up when I approach the enclosure. I had them out tonight as I was cleaning up the area and they were constantly in and out and interacting with me. Very cute.

I'm hoping the yellow staining on Clio's feet goes away now that she has more room to run around in. I've never bathed a rabbit, and don't really want to have the experience.

Picture with link to two other pictures under the cutCollapse )

Can't Sleep, Fridays Are Out To Get Me

Fox Fur Nebula
Last Friday during dinner, the wait staff did cute little sing-a-longs while they banged on pans with utensils. One of the songs got stuck in my head all weekend and DROVE ME CRAZY!

I eventually found relief by listening to Warhammer podcasts non stop. That worked until today--one freakin' week later--when Sinfest puts it right back in my head. ARGH!

I just wanna bang on my drum all day


Feeling rundown

Fox Fur Nebula
If I get the plague, someone's gonna pay. ::shakes fist in the air::

Guess what I have?

Two foster bunnies! YAY! I decided I was ready to let bunnies back into my life since losing Dilly so early in our time together.

I'll have them for about three weeks. It was originally three of them that came in together. One of them looked awful and went to a more experienced rabbit foster. I have Clio, a pink-eyed white who has patchy fur and is too skinny. She's about five months old. The other one is a tan color named Honey and she's around one or two years old. She doesn't look as scrawny scruffy as Clio but she still needs more TLC.

There's also two female PEW rats (Belle and Bess) at the shelter that I'm considering adopting so they can keep Mia company in her twilight months/weeks. I may also neuter Sylvan since he's way too bossy and he could use some time living with crazy females to show him who's really bossy in a ratty household.

ETA: rae_beta made a good point. It is unfair to talk about bunnies without having pictures! Here we go!


Voting, Physical Therapy, Rat Musings

Went to do my physical therapy then went to vote. I put my boot on just in case the line was long and they weren't going to let me sit. I was able to park in handicapped, which was nice, because my voting place is a school where the parking lot is up on a hill and you have to walk down stairs to get to the actual school. As I was crutching it to the gymnasium, a nice man told me I could have driven up to the central area and volunteers would have brought a ballot out to me. Really though, I'm so glad not to be stuck at home I didn't mind the excursion so I kept going. There wasn't a line and I had a choice between using the electronic machine or filling out a ballot and putting it in the scanning machine myself. I chose the latter.

I have to find another PT place as my insurance changed and Commonwealth (which I really like) won't take United unless my doctor is one of their doctors. Sigh. So I have to research other PT places to see if they take United. This means I'll lose all my good appointment times and be stuck on the "wherever we can put you" list, which is a real bitch when trying to also make it in to work.

I lost Ginger two weeks ago, Tria on Friday, Zon on Saturday. I'm now down to two rats, Mia and Sylvan. Mia is bereft and depressed because she's all alone for the first time in her short little life. She also has another tumor that I need to decide if I want to operate or not. She's starting to lose hair, which means she's old anyway so I don't think I'm gonna put her through the stress of another surgery.

I may neuter Sylvan as he's still a little pushy with other rats, which is why he was living solo despite me having other boys, and he's taken to being kinda pushy with me, which is not allowed. This may make it easier for me to adopt other females so he can live with them. I dunno. Females always get tumors, which is either expensive to operate on or heartbreaking when they die from them. I'm not gonna rush out and buy any petstore ratties, but am just keeping my eyes open for any shelter/rescue ratties--take a passive approach, at least until December, if I can help it.

Oh, and I hate winter and I hate being cold. BLAH!
Fox Fur Nebula
One of my favorite bits from ye olde tyme The Electric Company that ran in the 70s and part of the 80s.

Bye Bye, Darth Boot

Pet me Kaz
I had my nine-week follow up Tuesday 10/28. The Xrays looked good; we could see definite difference from three weeks ago. As a result, the doc said I could go ahead and start partial weight bearing, which was good because I'd already been doing that for the past three-four days; ha! He said no to the paintball on Saturday though, darn it.

I don't need to wear the boot (unless I get tired) because I'll be walking on my leg and keeping my foot at the 90 deg angle. All my left shoes are very happy they won't be neglected any more. As the weeks progress toward my next appointment/xray (six weeks from now at the fifteen-week mark), I will hopefully work toward using a cane rather than the two crutches. Even better would be to only take the crutches with me for back up when I get tired on longer walks/days.

I'm so very happy I got the go-ahead at the nine-week mark rather than the twelve-week mark. Three weeks is a huge difference--nearly a month! I believe that physical therapy and doing my exercises at home will make my recovery faster or at least make my leg stronger so it lowers my risk of a re-break in the future.

In other news, I'm having fun in Warhammer. I especially like that I can join PVP scenarios no matter where I'm at and that I get decent experience killing other players. Hee! I even managed to get the most killing shots in one scenario. One day I'll figure out how to read the chart that comes up after each scenario. I got to participate in taking over a keep in an open RVR/battleground on Saturday, so that was fun, though it took a couple of hours to accomplish.

The art quiz thing

Fox Fur Nebula
I don't necessarily agree with my results and here's whyCollapse )

It was me mostly picking the ones I found the least unattractive or that I might consider hanging in my own house. I don't really like pictures of religious scenes or icons, nor do I like pictures of people from various ages. I'd finally find a neat style I like (like Chinese/sumi brush work that wasn't of people) and it'd be of koi, something I'm not a fan of. So I was left picking something based on vibrant colors or just interesting composition, which of course leaves me with cubism or abstract art.

So I suppose the description is apt in that I'm not afraid to give my opinion and that I like to look to the future and see things from different perspectives, but that doesn't mean I'm necessarily a fan of cubism. I do like abstract art, but that's mostly because I like color, not so much the abstractness of the painting.

/grinch out


Stupid Broken Leg >:|

Pet me Velcro
OK so the doc says I'm progressing normally.

My grumpiness is due to my way too optimistic thinking/selective hearing that after six weeks I could actually start bearing weight, albeit with crutch assistance and still wearing the boot. But no. The 6-12 weeks the doc talked about apparently means I'll be unable to bear weight *period* because the breaks were oblique* (though I think it looks more like the spiral example), not 6-12 weeks until I'm walking like a regular biped. I'm so bummed right now I can't even express it adequately.

I thought I might be able to do paintball on 11/1, but I'm thinking no now. I don't even know if I can go to the Faire on Sunday for t1tdave's birthday fun because just thinking about walking across all that uneven ground just to get the the White Hart Tavern makes me tired. It is the closest tavern so I'll think about it.

Also, my selective hearing was wrong in that I thought I could leave my boot off most of the time except when taking stairs or leaving the house. But no. I should be wearing it most of the time so my foot stays at a 90 deg angle to my leg. The problem with wearing it is that my leg gets very restless in the boot. I just can't find a comfortable place to rest, especially when I'm sleeping.

So, fine. I'll wear it during the majority of waking hours, but there's no way I'm sleeping in the boot. I don't get enough restful sleep as it is. So it appears I'm gonna have to put up with that horrible flaking skin again (leaving the boot/wrappings off allowed the skin to go away like it normally does rather than stay on my leg).

12 weeks comes up around the end of November. And here I was thinking I wouldn't need my handicap placard through December but it looks like I'll still be needing it for nearly the rest of the year.

*The tibia apparently has two oblique fractures on it, one of them nearly perpendicular to the foot. My fibula is still a little crooked but the doc said the tibia's straightening/healing should encourage the fibula to straighten normally too, but that bone is so small it doesn't have to be perfect.


Kris Straub is truly funny and clever

Fox Fur Nebula
I love the sneaky humor in this comic. I love plays on words and meaning.


Chainsaw Suit takes on Dragonball Z

Kris Straub's Chainsaw Suit perfectly illustrates why I hate DBZ! Oh the things kids say


What My Broken Leg Taught Me Today

Just because I can rock out at a wedding on Sunday, doesn't mean I can spend four hours downstairs at my desk without elevating my leg.

I took my cast off and found a rather swollen foot inside. I'm afraid to take off my wrappings to see what the rest of the leg looks like. :X

In other news, my Cosmo Girl icon that Number Girls made me seems to have disappeared. There's some anime icon there now. Now I need to figure out where my local copy of the icon is at so I can re-upload it.


News From the Couch

jakethrash upgraded my Treo 650 to a Samsung Instinct. This is a very neat phone. It's taking time to put everyone's phone numbers in there (no beaming ability as far as I can tell) but I'm happy with how it handles e-mail. Something that I love already is that I can multi-task, which is something I couldn't do on my Treo. I can be sending picture e-mail but also send Twitters, take more pictures, etc. Fabulous!

I'm so thankful that I have an awesome husband, awesome mom, a laptop, Netflix, my iPod, and my Instinct, as well as the more traditional entertainment books (many on loan from skkyechan, magazines (my guilty pleasure, Soap Opera Digest), and loads of comics. I have an adorable little graphic book called A Really Super Book About Squirrels, filled with water color illustrations.

And speaking of watercolor, I got some awesome watercolor brush pens that I can't wait to experiment with once I get some better mobility, like being able to actually sit at a table so I can work on some sketching and painting since I'm on home arrest.

We fixed my boot so my leg fits in there much more comfortably and I don't feel things moving around as much when I move my leg. I don't know what it is that was moving around. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable, so I'm hoping it wasn't the little bone that didn't get plated. We'll find out Tuesday at the follow up appointment. The adjustment also lets me move my toes without moving others things that I'm pretty sure shouldn't be moved. The only thing that's still an issue is the bruising on the outer part of the leg.

My couch-mateCollapse )

Comics I Might Like

I enjoyed Amulet and am looking forward to Amulet 2. I also think I'd like the Flight Collections. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say I'd likely enjoy anything by Kazu Kibuishi (Copper et al are on my list of webcomics to read).

I like this work he did for a Totoro Into The Woods project.

Gah Redux

Fox Fur Nebula
And Joss Whedon made me cry again with Dr. Horrible Act 3! >:|


Dammit, I just cried watching Once More, With Feeling.


Fox Fur Nebula

Chat started at 1:00 pm, I expect it'll be done by 2:00 pm. I have not read it yet but I imagine there's some spoilers along with talking about Batman at DC. I find it easier to read transcripts after the fact so I don't have to constantly refresh the page.


I am a nerd

Fox Fur Nebula
This is neat. StickyBot


Yummy Tea Goodness and Foster Kittens

Fox Fur Nebula
Today's tea mix is Almond Biscotti Black Tea mixed with Energy ChocoLatte Chai and milk. Soooo yummy.

FosterCollapse )

My mood today is a hopeful "productive." I would like to write my secret origin (::groan::"I like to read stuff, and fix wordy stuff, and surf the web. The end. P.S. I really like pens.") and maybe an All Access article on Sheldon.

Testing Flickr Blog feature


Originally uploaded by LeesaLogic
Ta da!

Just some pictures I took a few months ago when I went to Great Falls for some watercolor inspiration.

ETA: Apparently, I can still get coding from Flickr to easily post either a picture or a link to the picture. It's just that I can only do that with my own photos and not someone else's? Will investigate further.

I like how the color showed up in this picture. It's got kind of a purply brown tint to it that doesn't show up except here and in the next shot.

Teas and Kitttens

Fox Fur Nebula
Today's tea is Lemon Twist Rooibos. Definitely a unique (but tasty) flavor!

Dropped off Elijah at the shelter today. I hope he gets adopted fast! He'll be very upset hanging out in a cage by himself. He really prefers to be around people and other animals. He got carsick on the way over. Most of it stayed in his carrier, but of course, since he was at the front, some got on my car seat. BLECH!

I'm really happy we got him healthy. His fur is very soft now, his earmites are cleared up, and he's happily eating dry and wet food. He still has some runny eye/eye gunk, but overall, he's a happy, affectionate, personable, fearless little guy that needs a good home!

For some reason I couldn't post the picture straight from Flickr. I didn't try the blogging thing. I suppose that's a "feature" now instead of providing the linking code in the All Sizes selection? Will have to test it out.

More Tasty Tea Goodness

Fox Fur Nebula
I have a pretty good selection of teas from Teavana with a few more goodies on the way.

Today I made a strong brew concoction with one tablespoon of Pu-Erh Organic Tea, two tablespoons Spice Nut Mate (really, the only place I've liked Mate teas), one tablet of a sugar-free flavor thing for coffee/tea in Irish cream, and another in dutch chocolate, and 12 oz of hot water. I then let it steep for about 10-15 minutes. This made it a very black, strong tea. I added enough milk to make it up to 24 oz. VERY TASTY! The Pu-Erh tea doesn't taste that great by itself, but I like mixing it with some of the herbal teas, like the extremely yummy, chocolaty, slightly spicy (not in a hot way, more a sweet way) Azteca Fire blend.

I'm a little chemist no matter what, so I like mixing flavors, which is why I never follow a non-baking recipe to the letter (I think a lot of people are like this though).

Segue--I like to mix up my makeup too, which is why I like Aromaleigh so much. I can get sample baggies or full size containers of pretty loose powders and mix up to my heart's content.

And completely off on tangent--if I have a few minutes today, I might attempt to draw my future (theoretical for now) tattoo.

ETA: Here's the teas I have from Teavana or will have in a couple of daysCollapse )

"Where The Hell is Matt?"

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divalea posted this on her LJ and it's really neat! I love the music (made just for this video and can be purchased at Amazon MP3 Downloads or iTunes) and I love that you can hear the laughter and cheers through the music.

You can watch it here in my journal or, better yet, click here to get a slightly bigger view of the video. It's a million levels of awesome! To the Nth! Once it's downloadable it'll be a staple in my iPod! Hmm, it can be downloaded in Quick Time so let's see if I can get it on my iPod.

Where The Hell Is Matt (2008)

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

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Netflix says "Just Kidding!"

Fox Fur Nebula
But I'm glad.

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Sorta Productive Sunday

Fox Fur Nebula
Got most of my list done except writing reviews and watching my Netflix DVDs. I even finished one more webcomic archive.

I still need to do my art supply organizing but I'm going to tackle that in a few minutes.

Also, I learned that there is a limit to how many links can be in your sidebar.



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